About us

Garden of your dreams How it looks like?
English garden with shady avenues, minimalism with its laconism, or you admire the luxury of a classical garden? Perhaps you dream of a winter garden, where you want to spend every morning enjoying a cup of tea and contemplating the beauty of the world?
The Api Garden team of professionals is ready to make your garden special. The experienced team of our architects, engineers, botanists will meet any challenges and make your dreams a reality.
We will design your garden, group a suitable list of plants, offer a garden furniture, which will delight the eye with its quality and style.
We design your gardens throughout Russia and Europe. Estate in Italy, apartment or office in Moscow, the site in the suburbs, or your home in a cold Urals
We are pleased to make your dreams come true in any part of the continent

Api Garden Company provides the following services:

  • Landscape design
  • Small spaces design
  • Urban environment design
  • Terrain design. Terracing and geoplastic
  • General construction work. Construction of the street and path network, retaining walls, small architectural forms, playgrounds, etc.
  • Design and construction of the outdoor water facilities. Ponds, swimming pools, fountains, etc.
  • Creation of the soil drainage systems and the storm water systems
  • Design and installation of the automatic irrigation systems
  • Lighting systems design
  • Grass lawn installation
  • Planting and selection of plants from the Europe’s leading manufacturers of planting material
  • Winter gardens design
  • Interior landscaping, residential and non-residential premises landscaping
  • Selection of indoor plants from the leading European manufacturers of planting material
  • Vertical garden design
  • Selection and delivery of the exclusive outdoor furniture from the leading European companies
  • Selection and delivery of the outdoor furniture and flowerpots
  • Designer supervision